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custom fabrication

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Crafting Your Ideas into Metal Masterpieces

Versatility in Fabrication

Unleash the potential of metal with our diverse custom fabrication services. At R&S Industries, we don’t just build; we create bespoke solutions that perfectly fit your space and style. Whether it’s a sleek, custom bar for your restaurant, eye-catching metal signage to elevate your brand, innovative shelving and displays for retail stores, or functional and robust work cabinets for your shop, we’ve got you covered. Our team thrives on unique challenges, turning your ideas into tangible, high-quality metal artistry. Your vision, our craft—transformed into reality.

Excellence in Every Element

Quality and Craftsmanship

Our custom fabrication process is a symphony of precision, utilizing only the finest materials to ensure durability and elegance. From intricate designs to robust builds, our skilled artisans pour their expertise into every project, guaranteeing not just products, but pieces of lasting value and beauty. This is where art meets metal, and functionality meets finesse.

a man with a welding machine welds a metal structure, sparks fly.
Man welding
Tailoring Metal to Your Needs

Local Expertise, Broad Applications

R&S Industries is rooted in Clovis, NM, but our reach and impact extend far and wide. We specialize in adapting our custom metalwork to fit the unique demands of different industries, from retail to agriculture. Our understanding of local nuances combined with our ability to cater to diverse requirements makes us more than just fabricators; we are problem solvers and innovators in metal. Your industry-specific challenges meet our tailored solutions here.


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